Welcome to Made Possible Personal Training Academy

Made Possible Personal Training Academy

CEU Continuing education For the Personal Trainer and Fitness professional in the Tampa Bay Area

At Made Possible we strive to provide great continuing education CEUs for personal trainers who:

-Want to learn the details of how to become a great personal trainer/strength coach.

-Want to learn how to progress exercises but more importantly, REGRESS exercises for all type of clients/athletes when they are starting their fitness journey and meeting them where they are at.

-Want to learn not just to workout but to periodize programs and deliver great, preplanned training sessions

-Want to learn the nitty gritty of what to look for in a client while doing exercises and learning how to fix their form based on proven methods from past 25+ years of experience of our staff.

-Learn multiple ways of cuing an exercise so the client understands it at their level (verbal, proprioceptive, visual, internal, external cues)

-Want to start their fitness career with a leg up in information and how to act professional and not step out of line with your cuing

-Want to learn step by step solutions to most problems we see when new clients start their fitness journey

We do all our CEUs in person to make sure you get the best expereince on how to train someone right out of our gym in St. Petersburg, Florida

Stay tuned for our first CEU approved courses coming soon