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We are a group of highly educated Personal Trainers. Since 2012 We have worked all around the world in places like New Zealand, Kuwait, Colombia, Spain, Lithuania, and across the beautiful U.S. of A. All of us have worked with individuals from all walks of life; including professional athletes, senior, ballerinas, youth, stay at home moms, professionals, injury rehabilitation, cancer rehabilitation, elderly, special needs and everyone in between.

The Made Possible team together possess exhaustive practical knowledge and are dedicated to the potential of body and mind. Each one of us is well versed in biomechanics, exercise physiology, flexibility, nutrition, special populations, workout variability and exercise science. We strive to maintain a small business mindset, our clients are our family and we are 100% committed to giving you all the tools needed to reach your fitness goals.

Fitness Made Possible #keepstpetefit 

Our Mission

To build strong passionate people! To make permanent lifestyle changes, to help you realize you have always been capable of living the lifestyle you desire. We are bringing back the personal in personal training. We are here to make you stronger, more knowledgeable about your body and mind, more confident, more balanced, more energetic, and most importantly healthier from the inside out. Keep St Pete Fit

Keep St. Pete Fit

"The best workout experience I’ve ever had. Heather, Roger, and Taylor are not only incredibly knowledgeable and supportive, but they are also positive and fun. They truly take a hands-on approach with their clients, ensuring our safety through proper mechanics. I have seen a major improvement in my body and mind after working out with them, and I know you will too. So thankful to have them in St. Pete! Best Personal Trainers near me"

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