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July Mobility For this months challenge, let’s mobilize our joints! Mobility exercises are a great way to warm up the joints prior to a workout or to loosen those stiff joints mid work day. Improving our mobility will help us decrease pain, move through our training sessions easier and work the proper muscles instead of compensating […]

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7 Beginner Calisthenic Workouts You Can Do Anytime, Anywhere

7 Beginner Calisthenic Workouts You Can Do Anytime, Anywhere By: Carolyn Steber May 24, 2022 These beginner calisthenics workouts require zero equipment to bring on the sweat. It’s like grown-up gym class. Remember the jumping jacks, sit-ups, and push-ups from gym class? Those are calisthenics, a workout category that requires zero equipment to do, says […]

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Nutrition Principles! Part 2

Protein, Protein, Protein!!! You may hear us say “get some good protein in!” this post will help explain why it is so important, especially with the active lifestyles we live. Protein!!! And all the reasons why it is so important Protein is an essential macronutrient and important for many functions of our body. #1 It […]

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May 22 Challenge!

Who’s ready for another challenge?! For the month of May lets get moving or in this case walking! Walking has many benefits but most importantly it gets our body moving and creates blood flow to our joints and muscles. Blood flow is important if we have arthritis and generally don’t move as much throughout the […]

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Nutrition Principles

Nutrition Principles – Based on Science Part One

Part 1 of a 5 science based nutrition principles that can be incorporated into everyday life. Part 1 talks all about calories in vs. calories out, what this means and different ways we can use this in our daily nutrition, exercise, and life habits. Calories In Vs. Calories Out Although it seems simple there are […]

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Tampa Bay Bike Challenge!

We have been asked by Bike/Walk Tampa Bay to partake in a pilot program called Love to Ride Tampa Bay Bike Challenge! We have made a Team (Made Possible Personal Training) and we are competing against 50 other “clubs” to see who can bike the most/most often/most bikers per organization! You can win prizes as […]

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March Movement Challenge of the Month!

Every month we are going to throw a new realistic challenge your way! This will be a good way for you to add accountability and movement to your month. Our goal is to help you move more outside of the gym. The more we move the better we will hopefully feel physically and mentally! For […]

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