1 Year Covid Free thanks to all of your support!

Gym is one year covid free
Hard to believe it’s our anniversary of being shut down a year ago due to COVID19 🦠
But we NEVER had an outbreak in our staff or our clients! NOT 1!! And not a lot of businesses can say that!!!!

As a business we had to scramble to protect not only all of our clients but also all of our employees. As people, we had to adapt how we live our daily live for the betterment of each other’s health.
We implemented a lot of new methods to combat this thing that we are still running today: We clean daily and throughout each client training, we wear masks while our voices are horse, we check EVERYONEs temperature the moment you walk in and still ask the 3 important questions that everyone loves, we run virtual sessions still for half our community, but the biggest thing of all, we were able to give our clients a sense of normalcy by still hosting their training sessions.

We have such a great community around us that supported us and helped us deal with this. We want to thank each and everyone of you for sticking with us and handling this the best way we know how! We also want to thank all of our employees for all of the sacrifices you have done to help us keep everything up to the highest standard possible. All of YOU rock and we couldn’t be happier to live in such an awesome community!
THANK YOU! And remember anything is POSSIBLE with the right mindset and knowledge!

Fitness center in St. Petersburg one year covid free

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