Exercise of the week! Turkish Getups (with regressions and progressions!)

Turkish Getup Form

For beginners we teach the 1/4 Turkish get up where you just go up to the crunch and back down.

Intermediate we teach the 1/2 Turkish get up where you go up until you are half kneeling and come back down.

Then once you are ready we go into the full Turkish get up.

The steps for all of the above are below!

1. Use both hands to lift the kettlebell off the ground to the starting position of the floor press and to return it to the ground. 2. The wrist on the kettlebell side is neutral. 3. The elbow on the kettlebell side is locked and the shoulder is packed. 4. The shoulder of the free arm does not shrug up. 5. The heel of the foot on the kettlebell side stays planted during the low sweep, the lunge up to standing, and the reverse of these actions. 6. The knee touches the deck silently on the descent into the half-kneeling position. 7. The arm holding the kettlebell is vertical or almost vertical. 8. The neck is neutral for the top half of the movement, from the lunge up. 9. In the top position the knees are locked and the lower back does not hyperextend. It is recommended, although not tested, that the movement is smooth, without jerky transitions.

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