Lights of Hope Toy Donation Drive for South St. Pete

South St. Pete South St Petersburg Saint Petersburg
During the COVID pandemic there were thousands of people in our community who had an overwhelming amount of need. In response, Pinellas Community Church opened the Lights of Hope Christmas Store where parents could “shop” for their children at no cost. The store raised over 1,000 gifts for 341 children. This year, they are planning on raising 1,500 gifts for 500 children!
South St. Pete has some of the greatest need in all of Pinellas County. A donation,
in-kind or monetary, will bring hope to a generation unable to see any. This donation will
give families the opportunity to “shop” for brand new Christmas gifts for their children at
no cost.
We are partnering with Pinellas Community Church and are are looking to fill the list provided in the pictures above before MONDAY, DECEMBER 13th! That is in 5 days people!!
Apart from toys if you would like to donate your time or monetary donations please check out, or contact us for details!

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