Resistance Training and Breast Cancer

cancer and resistance (weight) training

cancer and resistance (weight) training

cancer and resistance (weight) training

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Our first one, Resistance Training and Breast Cancer brought to you by Caitlin!

Breast cancer-related lymphedema (BCRL) has a significant impact on quality of life, resulting in difficulty completing daily tasks due to decreased upper body mobility, flexibility and strength.
Resistance training has great potential to aid in the management of breast cancer-related lymphedema despite the common advice to avoid lifting heavy weights to exacerbate symptoms.
Researchers found upper body resistance training with heavy or light loads does not increase the extent of swelling or severity of symptoms in breast cancer patients.
Resistance training improved muscle strength, endurance and quality of life in women.
Activities of daily life were less fatiguing and an improvement in mental health was also seen in resistance training.

Article found in journal of cancer survivorship,
Is it safe and efficacious for women with lymphedema secondary to breast cancer to lift heavy weights during exercise: a randomised controlled trial
Prue Cormie & Kate Pumpa & Daniel A. Galvão & Elizabeth Turner & Nigel Spry & Christobel Saunders & Yvonne Zissiadis & Robert U. Newton

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