At Home Workout you Can Do With a TRX

TRX home workout!

Warm up! Perform 1-2 sets of each

Cat cow 5-10
Childs pose to cobra 5-10
All four hips CARS 3 forward 3 back (keep hips stable and legs tight)
Bird dogs 10ea (stabilize low back, reach away not up)
Plank scap retractions 10-15 (from your knees or toes)
Downdog to calf press 10-20
Side Laying abduction/adduction 10-15ea

Perform 3-4 sets of each!
TRX Rows (3way) palms up 3-5 palms down 3-5 palms facing in 3-5
TRX squat jumps 5-15
TRX push ups 5-15
TRX pikes 5-10 (legs straight)
TRX curtsy lunges 5-10ea
TRX bicep curls 5-15
TRX tricep ext 5-15
TRX mountain climbers 20-30sec (go slow!)

Let us know of any questions or comments of the exercise below👇 !

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