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Made Possible Personal Training would not be who or where it is today without our amazing clients!

Boyd walking into Made Possible Personal Training almost 9 months ago at the young age of 84 doing something most people won’t do, he sought out professional help. He marched in and asked for help to get closer to his goals: to improve his posture, decrease back pain from surgeries and get a routine that would help him get back to a great quality of life! It is working! He has increased his strength and confidence, and has been able to control his back pain! Boyd brings his sense of humor with him to every training session and brightens the whole room with his spirits! He does not give up when the going gets tough! He keeps striving to be better than his previous repetition and previous session. We are very thankful Boyd chose us! 💜

How Boyd feels about Made Possible Personal Training:

“I retired from the military 29 years ago. Following retirement, I exercised, stayed in shape, for about the first 10 years. Since then I’ve trailed off, exercising off and on, for a few years, then not much. Recently, I found that I was “suddenly” out of shape! During the last 5 years I have gone to physical therapy, but I was not getting the kind of exercise I needed: that is, working on balance, strengthening my core, strengthening my arms, and especially, my legs, pulling in my right hip, and working on my back. My back pain is consistently a 5 or better out of 10. That was the primary reason I went to physical therapy, but the programs were the “cookie cutter” variety, not always what I needed.

One day, in a conversation with a neighbor, he indicated that a friend had told him about a personal trainer. He signed up and feels that it is really helping. I went in for an assessment and liked the people, the clean facility, and the business name, Made Possible. I met Heather, Roger, and Taylor all with very creditable resume’s. So, I signed up for 2x/week sessions. In less than 6-months, I noticed incremental changes to my body, balance, muscle tone and that I was less winded.

Unlike my previous experiences, the program was tailored to my needs, and my current ability to perform a particular exercise. As I improve, the sessions are changed to continually test my ability. I am assigned “homework”, but I am not consistent doing the exercises at home. I need someone watching me and constantly making corrections e.g. “stand up straight, proud chest, hips forward.” I have learned how to do what I need to do to correct, but I find habits are hard to break.

I look forward to every session, and enjoy working with the trainers. I have been going to Made Possible for about 8-months and already my right hip is almost where it belongs, my wind has continued to improve, my arms are stronger, but my legs still need lots of work. I am confident that with this very knowledgeable staff, I will continue to improve. They are the best!”

– Boyd
84 years young!

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