Weekly Movement Challenge!

Also known as the booty burner! 

We love this movement to challenge the posterior chain including the butt! Core! Back! And Hamstrings! 

1. Find an elevated surface around knee height, preferably with a padded edge ! Your couch, ottoman, dining room chair! 
2. Sit on the edge of your surface and slide your back down the side. Resting your shoulder blades above the edge.
3. Start with your feet under your knees. Both hips and knees starting at a 90 degree angel.
4. Brace your abs, keep your eyes forward, and squeeze your behind till your hips are Even with your knee caps! 
5. Lower back down to a 90 degree hip angel and repeat ! 

Let’s aim for 15-20 repetitions 3-4x through! 

Let us know any questions or comments below!

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