Exercise of the Week! Contralateral Plank!

Happy Monday Exercise of the Week!
Contralateral Planks! Great to test your core strength!

Contralateral is a term used to describe opposing sides.

Ipsilateral means the same side.

The contralateral plank involves the movement of opposing limbs. Here’s how you can do this:

Start in a plank position on the floor with your hands under your shoulders, arms extended, and legs together.

Keep your upper body as still as possible and your core tight as you raise your right arm and left leg simultaneously.

Your goal is to form a straight line from your raised hand to the foot that is parallel to the floor.

Hold this position for a full second, slowly lower your limbs, and repeat on the other side.

Continue to alternate back and forth with a slow and steady motion. Let us know any questions or comments of the exercise below!

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Contralateral Plank Video

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