Is Sleep as important to you as it should be?

Do you enjoy your sleep as much as Tootsie does?


I sure do! 


it is recommended to sleep for 7-9 hours a night for every adult. 

Studies show that adults with a healthy sleep pattern have a 42% lower risk of heart failure.


That’s a pretty significant number!


Some other reasons we need our sleep!


– Sleep allows cells to repair and grow this means that while we sleep our muscles are repairing, our tissues are growing, our body is releasing hormones, and our cells are producing protein.

– Sleep helps us convert our short-term memory into long term memory and erasing unneeded information that might clutter our nervous system.

– Sleep allows us to learn with a clear and focused mind and helps up stay refreshed for problem-solving skills and decision making.

– Sleep is great for our emotional health! If we become sleep deprived, our mind is more likely to overreact!


Tips for better sleep:

  • – Maintain a realistic bed time every night, even on the weekends!
  • – Sleep at a comfortable temperature!
  • – Exercise! This helps you unwind and prepare your mind for sleep.
  • – Avoid large meals, caffeine and alcohol hours before your bedtime.
  • – Refrain from using your cell phone, watching tv or other electronic devices an hour before bed! Ban electronic devices in your bedroom.

Bottom line, sleep keeps us healthy and our bodies functioning well. If you have trouble sleeping at night, use these tips to catch some z’s!


Please feel free to stop in and ask Tootsie about how she is able to sleep anytime, anywhere. We could all use a little Tootsie advice.




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