March Movement Challenge of the Month!


Every month we are going to throw a new realistic challenge your way! This will be a good way for you to add accountability and movement to your month. Our goal is to help you move more outside of the gym. The more we move the better we will hopefully feel physically and mentally!
For the month of March, join our pushup challenge!
Every day execute 10 pushups! Can be on the floor, elevated on a counter or table, or even on the floor with knees bent.
Tips to remember for your pushup:
1. Engage the lats! Think about “breaking the bar” to keep the shoulders down and lats engaged.
2. Brace the core and stay stiff through the entire lower body!
3. Breathe in on the way down and out on the way up!
If you decide to join in on the fun, which we hope you do! Take a picture and share with us on our Facebook Community Group called “Made Possible Personal Training” that we have just created! Or just send us a pic or share it on your instagram stories and tag us! This group was created to help keep us all more accountable outside of the gym.
If you do 10 pushups for everyday of the month of March, that will equal 310 pushups!!! AMAZING!

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