May 22 Challenge!

Who’s ready for another challenge?! For the month of May lets get moving or in this case walking!
Walking has many benefits but most importantly it gets our body moving and creates blood flow to our joints and muscles. Blood flow is important if we have arthritis and generally don’t move as much throughout the day if we have a job that glues us to our desks!
We at Made Possible Personal Training are challenging you to walk 10 minutes a day! This doesn’t have to be anything crazy or rigorous.
Tips to get you moving:
1. Grab your favorite music or audio book to listen to while walking!
2. Grab a friend to join you or your pup!
3. Pick a cooler time of day like early morning before work or after dinner.
4. Try to disconnect from work & technology/social media!
Don’t forget! If you want extra accountability on the challenge, join our Facebook Community Group called “Made Possible Training Community”. You can share pictures of your walk on the page or share how much you are loving the challenge! This group was created to help keep us all more accountable outside of the gym.

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