Motivation is Temporary

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The secret to getting and staying in shape is understanding that you CANNOT be motivated year round.

It’s not possible, not even for those at the highest levels of sports. Most people are dealing with a TON of stuff: kids, softball practice on tuesday at 7pm, daycare, work, bills, mortgage, car loan, and every other life stress. 

Motivation will never come but for a brief few days at specific times of year, and it will dissipate fast.  And thats ok – its impossible to also be motivated to work out after all that stuff.

That is why you need a PLAN, structure, and a coach, to help you stay on track when you would normally fall off.

Don’t believe me? How many times have you started and stopped working out, mostly because you were “busy” or “tired”? But in reality that means you just did not choose to allocate time to fitness and health – a choice because the importance of working out felt lower than other things.

But if you were giving advice to someone else – you would always say working out and staying in shape is important, and just find time to do it because your body needs to be physically active and in shape, your health needs it and your family needs it.  Get on a plan, get structure, put it in your calendar, and get a coach who will stay on you even when your motivation is gone.

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