Progressions and Regressions of the Step Up, Step Down, and Pistol Squats

In this video we go over progressions and regressions of step ups, step downs, and pistol squats. We have 14 variations of progressions and regressions we try to hit with long term clients to see where they are at. Follow along by viewing the picture below:
Step Up, Pistol Squat, And Step Downs Regressions and Progressions

You will see this exercises outlined here and what to look for to help coach and cue them.
1 Rack/human Assisted Step Up(to comfortable depth)
2 Mini Step Downs
3 Rack/human Assisted Step Downs(to comfortable depth)
4 Unassisted Step Up 12″
5 Unassisted Step Down 6-12″
6 Pistol Squat to high box assisted (full sit)
7 Lateral Step Down
8 DB/KBWeighted Step Up
9 Pistol Squat to high box unassisted (tap)
10 BB Step Up
11 Variant Tools/hand positions step up(MB/KB, Bulgarian Bag, Overhead, S/S, Counter, Front Racked)
12 Pistol Squat to low box (tap)
13 BW Pistol Squat
14 Pistol squat off a box

Let us know of any questions or comments of the exercise below👇 !

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