Basics of Lower Body (Legs) Power and Jump Development

In this video we will go over the basic exercises we like to teach to all our personal training clients for lower body power, a combination of jumps, hops, skips, and bounds help us to coordinate our body and develop power which is essential as you age!
Reasons we focus on power:
-Muscle Development
-Bone Strength Stimulus

We will talk about why to do it, how to do it safely, and if a baseline is needed before starting.
Some of the exercises we will go through:

-Wall assisted hops, near wall hops, forward hops
-Single leg assisted hops, near wall single leg hops, forward single leg hops
-Baby hops
-Side to side hops, forward and backwards hops
-TRX Assisted jumps
-Side shuffle arms in chest, side shuffle using arm swing
-Carioca/grapevine slow, speeding it up as get more comfortable
-Sitting on bench squat jump
-Jump and land in place, then moving forward
-Skater jumps
-Vertical jumps (performance)
-Broad jumps (performance)
-Ankle hops
-Lateral jumps continuous
-Box jumps

Let us know of any questions or comments of the exercise below👇 !

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Basics of lower body power

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