At Home Workout During The Holidays!
While we take a quick nap, here is a Body Weight workout you can try on your own! MPPT approved!

Warmup! Perform 1-2 sets of each!

BW arm circles 10ea
Butt kicks 20 each
High knee pulls 5ea
Ankle-knee pulls 5ea
Lateral leg swings 10ea
Cross body leg swings 10ea
Shoulder CARS (stay tight) 3e forward 3 back each side
Inch worm to worlds greatest stretch 5 inch worms
Floor hip thrust 15-20
Hamstring lifts 15-20
Front plank 20-40sec
Side plank 20-30sec each side (from your knees or toes)

Perform 3-4 sets of each!
Squats 10-15
Push ups 5-15
Wall angel with cuban rotations 10
Skipping in place 20-40sec

Reverse lunges 10-15ea leg
Pike scap retractions 10 (elbows stiff)
Face down alternating swimmers 5ea (stay tight!)
Baby hops!
Double leg 10-15
Alternating hops 10ea
Single leg 5-10ea

Let us know of any questions or comments of the exercise below👇 !

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