Fundamental Exercises Video Series #1

👋 Welcome to our at home video series to strengthen the 10 Made Possible Personal Training fundamental movements of any body type. These videos were made to help you understand your body better and become more body aware! The more body aware we are, the easier it is to stay injury free! We have found through trial and error with many clients, these moves work the best for each of the categories. So follow along, listen🦻 and learn from our coaches! Pause the video after every exercise so you can attempt all the repetitions described!
Here are the exercises we will be covering:
Pelvic Tilt- Lumbar Cat Cow
Shoulder Retraction- Supine Shoulder Retraction
Core Bracing- Supine Core Bracing with Hands on the Floor
Glute Activation- Prone Leg Raise
Hamstring Activation- Hamstring Raises
Mindful Breathing- Hands on Chest And Belly
Ankle Mobility- Ankle Rocks
Foot Tripod- Single Leg Stand (with emphasis on the foot)
Traps (Neck Stiffness)- Wall Shoulder Circles
Knee Stability- Lateral Walks

Let us know of any questions or comments about the exercises below👇 !

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Follow us from Saint Petersburg, Florida as our experienced Personal Trainers take you through and teach you how to have a proper workout with specific exercises that deal with mobility, flexibility, strength, endurance, warm up, and cool down! Specializing in senior fitness, rehabilitation, special needs fitness, fat loss / weight loss and sports performance.

Enjoy fitness and live at any age! It’s Fitness Made Possible!

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