How to take care of your knees- TKE-Terminal Knee Extension- Best Exercise for your Knees!

TKE- what is it and why do we like them so much?!

TKE stands for terminal knee extension. There are several ways you can do a TKE but our favorite is standing using a band around a pole or in a door!

What is the benefit of doing TKE’s?

TKE’s are one of our favorite go to exercises for decreasing knee pain by strengthening the surrounding muscles to limit the amount of stress on the knee joint itself. The surrounding muscles that are being strengthened are the quadriceps. Our vastus medialis oblique (VMO) is one of our four quadriceps and is typically the hardest for people to activate and strengthen. TKE’s is a great exercise to strengthen the VMO to stabilize the knee without putting stress on the knee joint itself!

Start by securing a band in a door or around a pole/staircase. Place the band around the lower thigh, above your knee. With the band around your leg, place your weight on your opposite leg. Start with your knee bent, then push your heel down straightening out your knee, squeezing your quad. Hold for one second before releasing the tension and repeat.

Next time your knees are giving you a hard time, instead of not doing anything, try doing some TKE’s!

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