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Bustle recently came out with an article Titled “9 Medicine Ball Workouts that’ll Strengthen Your Entire Body”. In it our very own, Coach Roger, was featured saying what his favorite Medicine Ball Exercises were for Power.

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Check out what Roger had to say,

“Trainer Roger Montenegro’s Cardio

Medicine ball workouts can give you cardio via plyometric moves.

Do 3 sets of 5 reps, & 1 min. rest in between each.

– Overhead slams

– Jump squats to overhead slams

– Step laterally, throw ball into a wall.

– Throw ball to ground from chest.

9 Medicine Ball Workouts That’ll Strengthen Your Entire Body

Trainers share their go-to medicine ball workouts for your strength training routine.
You can do all types of medicine ball workouts to strengthen the entire body.

A medicine ball workout doesn’t have to mean endless oblique twists. As trainer Jessica Mazzucco says, you can use the weighted ball in staple exercises like squats, push-ups, planks — and fun “slams” — to strengthen the entire body. Here, 9 trainer-approved routines to try.

This circuit, which features squats and lunge twists, is a full-body medicine ball workout.

Mazzucco’s Circuit

Train your glutes, legs, core, and shoulders with these moves:

– Squat down then thrust the ball up, stretching arms overhead.

– Lunge forward, twist to side with ball at chest.

– Do deadlifts balancing on one leg, with ball in front of you.

3 sets of 10 reps.


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