Exercise of the Week! Anti-Rotation Banded Chops

Exercise of the Week!

Banded Anti-Rotation Chops!

Start with a band wrapped around a secure pole or in a door frame at waist level.
With the band taut, step out laterally with your hands in at your belly button.
You want to make sure you are in an athletic stance with your knees slightly bent, hips squared, and chest slightly forward to engage the core.
Once you create the tension with the band and step out, extend your hands out in front of you and chop up and down, trying to divide your body into two halves.
Keeping your hands from being pulled into the pole or door frame with knees soft and hips level, you should feel the inside oblique and shoulders working.
Make sure to step back behind the pole or door frame so that the hands are parallel with it.
This is a great overall stabilization exercise as well as core strengthener!

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