Client Spotlight- Meiko

Happy Friday!!

Time to show our appreciation for our clients! (:

Made Possible Personal Training would not be who or where it is today without our amazing clients!

Hard working, goal driven, always striving for more – Just a few words to describe Meiko! Ever since he started training at Made Possible he has believed in the process and has hit PR’s that he never thought was possible. Meiko continues to be a light at Made Possible with his positivity and hard work inside and outside of the gym! Thank you for always giving it your all and trusting the journey Meiko!

How Meiko feels about Made Possible Personal Training:

“Almost 3 years ago, I was afraid to step into the gym. Afraid of who would be watching my frailty. Who would make fun of me. It paralyzed me in my tracks whenever I’d think about it. I decided to no longer be afraid of the gym. I decided to put my health first and found Roger and Heather through some neighbors who had been taking coaching sessions with them. The difference in their approach was immediately felt…they were on the journey with you, to start PR! My aim wasn’t to bulk up, it wasn’t for looks, my aim was to do what I could to extend the longevity of my life by learning proper movement, technique, and grow in strength. Training with Roger changed my lifestyle habits. By sitting under his coaching, I’ve increased my confidence, changed my eating habits, focused on what my body CAN do, and have surprised myself at the results mentally and physically. The lifestyle I live has been made possible by my friends, my family at Made Possible. I couldn’t imagine this journey without them.”


Follow us from Saint Petersburg, Florida as our experienced Personal Trainers take you through and teach you how to have a proper workout, with mobility, flexibility, strength, endurance, warm up, and cool down! 

It’s Fitness Made Possible! 

Keeping St. Pete Fit since 2017!

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