Movement challenge of the week! STRAIGHT LEG THORACIC OPENER!

Need a good stretch for..your entire bod! 
Give it a try! 
1. Start with a staggered stance!
2. Both legs remain straight 
3. If your right leg is forward hinge your hips back reaching down towards your ankle with your right arm!
4. Grab your leg as low as you can without unlocking your right knee!
5. I think you’ll be feeling that Hami stretch right about now!
6. Join your leg hand with right, take a good breath in and as you push the air out open your left arm straight up towards the sky! 
7. The goal is the touch the ceiling not behind you! Repeat this opener 4-6 times per side!
This movement will help to increase mobility in your hips and Spine! You will also feel a fantastic hamstring stretch! And give your balance a good go for it’s money! 

Let us know any questions or comments below!

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