Client Spotlight – Bonnie

Happy Friday!

Time to show our appreciation for our amazing clients! (:

Made Possible Personal Training would not be who or where it is today without our amazing clients!

I remember so clearly the first time I asked Bonnie to squat. She perfectly hinged her hips and drove her butt back sitting into the most perfect squat form I had ever seen. After many perfect exercise executions and repeated praising on how amazing her form is we learned that Bonnie also known as Bon Bon had never lifted a single weight or performed a single body weight strength movement before stepping through our doors. As adults it is hard to find a sport we are good at or enjoy. Bonnie never imagined enjoying a sport as much as she does lifting weights and bettering her body and mind through movement. Bon Bon fits in perfectly with her sarcasm and wits, always giving 110% even when her facial expressions tell you otherwise, and if you think you’re a morning person well you have yet to witness Bonnie at 7am on our semi private zoom sessions, a pure ray of sunshine and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

How Bonnie feels about Made Possible Personal Training:

“What else can I say except that the Made Possible team is the best! As someone who has never considered themselves “an athlete” they have taken all of the intimidation and confusion out of the gym experience for me, helping me feel more confident in and out of the gym.

Their depth of knowledge, endless encouragement, and willingness to laugh at my snarky comments when they make me do an exercise I don’t love makes each workout fun and always keeps me reaching to do better. Their ever-changing workouts keep me excited for each session- something I’ve truly never been able to say about a workout or gym long term before!

Beyond the workouts, Made Possible is an inviting place full of positivity, laughs, and you get a canine greeting you at the door before each workout… I mean, what more could you want! Thank you Heather, Roger, Taylor, and Tootsie, for being the best training team and showing me I’m capable of way more than I thought possible!”

– Bonnie

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