Foam Roller and Mobility! Check out these moves to increase your mobility with the foam roller!

Feeling tight in the upper body?!

Grab a foam roller (preferably longer) & a broom stick or PVC!

Start by lying vertically on the foam roller with your head and tailbone on the roller.

🔺Supine PVC up & over-
With your arms straight reach up and over your head as far as you can keeping your back pressed into the roller. Repeat for 10 reps!

🔺Supine Angel-
Starting with your arms in a “W” raise up over your head into a “Y” while keeping your back pressed into the roller and pushing your hands down toward the ground. Repeat 10 reps!

🔺 Supine alt swimmers-
With your arms straight, reach one arm back and over head to the floor and alternate simultaneously. Keeping your back flat into the roller the entire time. Repeat for 20 total reps!

🔺 Supine chest stretch hold-
Lying with your back pressed into the roller, extend your arms out the the side keeling the arms straight. Relax into the stretch and hold for 30 seconds!

If you give these stretches a try, let us know! 💪🏼

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